Private Rental

Looking for a fun and unique venue for your private event? 
Vintage Escapes Winery offers hourly rental of our tasting room and our abundant outdoor space with beautiful views and landscape!  
Please contact us to inquire about availability for renting the tasting room and/or grounds for your private event.
Things to Know:
  • "All-day" private rental of the full property is available Fridays 12pm-9pm, Saturdays 10am-9pm and Sundays 10am-6pm. Note that days are limited for all-day full property rental.
  • Full property rental is also available by the hour Saturdays 10am-2pm and Sundays 11am-2pm. (Full property rental is not available by the hour on Fridays.)  
  • Private rentals of the pavilion space are available April through October.
  • Times of day may be limited for pavilion only and tasting room only rentals, depending on the month and day.
  • Date and time availability will depend on a few factors such as other private or public events scheduled.
  • Full outdoor space can accommodate 200+ guests.
  • The outdoor pavilion can accommodate up to 80 seated guests with the outdoor tables and chairs provided. More guests can be accommodated with other seating arrangements.
  • Indoor tasting room can accommodate up to 55 guests at a time.
  • You choose and reserve your own caterer or food truck. Caterers must be able to be self-sufficient. We do not have kitchen space, cooling space or heating units for caterers to use.
    • Our kitchen can accommodate food for groups of up to 15.  Note that we do have a small kitchen that can make one or two items at a time so food orders take time (20-40 minutes) and will not all come out at the same time.
  • You choose and reserve rental for your choice of tents, podium, decor, etc.
  • You choose to rent tables and chairs if you wish to have different or additional tables and chairs than what we have available.
  • Indoor restrooms and our merchandise area are shared with the public (with the exception of private rentals of the full property).
  • We are more than willing to work with you and consider special requests that we may be able to provide for your special event.
        1. Price Chart for "All-Day" Full Property Private Rental:
        2. Hourly Rental of Full Property = $175/hour (Limited only to the days/times listed above.)
        3. Private Rental of Tasting Room (indoor space only) = $125/hour
        4. Private Rental of Outdoor Pavilion (pavilion space only) Pricing:
​                         April & June = $125/hour
                         May = $160/hour
                         July - October = $160/hour
             **Add an additional $25/hour to include the deck overlooking the vineyard, as well as the grass space between 
               the deck and pavilion, to your Outdoor Pavilion rental.
*Pricing is subject to change. There may be additional charges for special requests.


    • Your own space for your private event and your guests to enjoy!

    • Personal servers throughout the full duration of your event.

    • Guests may order wine by the glass off the menu.

    • Guests may order beer and cider that we offer at the time of the event. Beer and cider are served by the can or bottle.

    • Option to also offer one or two select cocktails for your event.

    • Tables and chairs

    • Free Parking

    • No charge for professional pictures taken on the property.

    • Ability to bring in your own food, caterer or food truck.

    • Personal decorations are allowed, including outdoor event tents & chairs.

    • We are also willing to consider special requests that you may have. Inquire with us and we would love to work with you on how we can make your experience memorable and enjoyable


    • Reservation must be made at least one month prior to event.

    • $250 minimum wine tab for every 3 hours of rental

      • Wine is served by the glass only.​

    • 18% service charge applied to all charges

    • Full rental payment is due 1 week prior to the event. (Paid in person or by phone.)

    • Venue rental fees may be made by cash or credit card. A 3% credit card fee will be applied to any rental fee payments made by credit card. 

    • A refundable security deposit is due 1 week prior to the event.

    • Bar tab must be paid the day of the event.

    • No outside alcoholic beverages allowed (unless provided through a licensed caterer or otherwise agreed upon). All wine served must be Vintage Escapes wine.

    • Clean up must be completed immediately.

    • Any cleanup or event continuation that exceeds 30 minutes beyond the agreed rented time will result in an additional $250/hour rental fee.

    • Any set-up or preparation time that ends up being used outside of the rental hours listed in the rental agreement will accrue an additional $250/hour rental fee.

    • No glitter, confetti or fake rose petals.

    • Pets are allowed outside, but no pets allowed in the tasting room. Pets must be friendly, leashed, accompanied and picked up after.

    • Additional details will be provided in the rental agreement.

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