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Veteran and family photo in the vineyard

The Full Story

What started with a passion of visiting wineries and walking the vineyards with a glass of wine in hand soon became a dream to start Vintage Escapes Winery & Vineyard. Although starting a winery was frequently a topic of conversation for years, it was the birth of our baby boy that was the driving force to transform a dream into a reality. We were truly amazed how much love can motivate and inspire us to do things once believed to be impossible. We were faced with many challenges along the way, but it was the love and support we received from  friends and family that allowed us to persevere even through the biggest challenges. We saw first hand how powerful love, family and friendship can be. It's because of this that our mission at Vintage Escapes Winery & Vineyard is to bring people closer together, whether it's personally, casually or professionally, by producing beautifully crafted wines to enjoy with those that bring joy in your life.

All of our wines are made right on site in the same structure as our tasting room. We currently care for 3 acres of vineyard containing Marquette, Frontenac and Itasca grapes. Regardless of how many grapes we grow on site, we will always rely on other grape growers to purchase grapes from. Our first vines were planted in the spring of 2017. We broke ground on the tasting room and winery building in the fall of 2017. All of the interior finishes of the tasting room were completed with true craftmanship by none other than owner Dan and his father. The tasting room officially opened for business mid-May of 2019. We started with only 5 wines on the wine list and have expanded to over a dozen wines. Unlike other craft beverages, wine is purely made from grapes which are only harvested one time a year - in the late summer to early fall. Without ample amount of cooler space (which is simply not feasible for the vast majority of wineries), the grapes must be processed immediately and cannot be "stored" for later use. The wine from the grapes is then bottled anywhere from 4-18+ months after harvest & processing. If all goes perfectly, fruit wines can be bottled in about 4 months after the fruit is harvested and processed. Whites typically take about 6 months and reds take at least 12 months but often times longer. This means that when a wine becomes sold out, it's not possible to simply produce another batch of it. We must first wait (and hope) for the grapes to grow, be produced, harvested, processed and got through the several stages of winemaking - 4-18+ months later. It's quite a lengthy process in which a winemaker learns what true patience really is! 


  • Dec. 2015: Property was purchased.

  • 2016: Prepared the land to grow grapes.

  • Spring, 2017: Planted Marquette grapevines.

  • Fall, 2017: Broke ground on the tasting room and winery production building.

  • Spring, 2018: Planted Itasca grapevines.

  • 2018: Dan and his father finished the interior of the tasting room and winery production facility.

  • Fall, 2018: Officially licensed to begin processing grapes and producing wine commercially.

  • May, 2019: Tasting room grand opening.

  • Spring, 2020: Planted Frontenac grapevines.

  • Fall, 2021: Broke ground on outdoor pavilion.

  • May, 2022: Outdoor pavilion complete.

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