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Please Read Before Purchasing Tickets Below:

  • Purchasing tickets guarantees you a seat during live music concerts!

  • "Add 1 Additional Seat" tickets can only be purchased with a 4-person or 6-person table.

  • Only 1 "Add 1 Additional Seat" ticket can be purchased for each 4-person or 6-person table.

  • An immediate refund will be provided for any "Add 1 Additional Seat" tickets purchased that do not meet these requirements. This may result in losing your reservation.

  • Tickets are required to access the tasting room during these events. If there are seats available, tickets will also be sold at the door.

Live Music Concert with Joyann Parker
Live Music Concert with Joyann Parker
Dec 10, 2021, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
8950 Dodd Rd, Kilkenny, MN 56052, USA
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